Adult Paint Party- Booking Fee (12x16 Canvas)

Adult Paint Party- Booking Fee (12x16 Canvas)

  • $50.00

Adult Paint Party $25.00 per person (max 30 ppl) (Ages 13+)

Booking Fee: $50 NON-REFUNDABLE (Applied towards final balance)

Canvas size: 12"x16"

Your reservation includes everything you and your guests need to create a beautiful and unique painting. No experience necessary! You will be supplied with a canvas, paints, brushes, aprons, as well as 2 hours of step-by-step instruction for your selected artwork. I also provide disposable tablecloths and paper towels.

We come to you! In order to book an event, you will need to arrange to have a location with adequate tables and chairs for you and your guests. We will need access to running water and a sink.

You may want to also provide refreshments for your guests as we do not provide food or drinks.